Episode 001 - Telomeres and Aging

Novelist Saylor Storm is fascinated by Dr. Bill Andrews anti-aging research (and thinks you will be too!) and authored a trilogy on his work. They discuss the topic of anti-aging and telomeres. 

Dr. Bill Andrews is a molecular biologist and gerontologist whose career has centered around what he calls, "curing the disease of human aging." Dr. Andrews is the founder and President of Sierra Sciences, a biotechnology company.

To find out more about Dr. Andrews and his work, you can go to SierraSciences.com, watch his many youtube videos, read his book, "Curing Aging", or watch a documentary about his work called, The Immortalists.


Aging divorcee, Susan Kent, participates in a clinical trial for a reverse aging product and swiftly reverts to a stunning 20-year-old. What happens next in Sue's Seduction will astound you!

Maren Rush