Episode 004 - Love

Author Saylor Storm discusses love and the truth about soul mate relationships with Dr. Steven Hairfield.

Dr. Steven Hairfield, known as an American monk, is an author, public speaker and intuitive counselor. He holds an M.A. in Religion and Theology as well as a doctorate in Metaphysics.


Love, Stimulating Trivia & Other Arousing Bits gives us the facts and figures about love. Dr. Hairfield expands on the topic of love, approaching the subject from a more spiritual point of view.

Maren Rush
Episode 003 - Body language signs of attraction

Author Saylor Storm talks about the signs of attraction with body language expert, Dr. Jack Brown. Dr. Jack Brown is one of only a small handful of Nonverbal Communication/Body Language Experts in the world who is also a physician.

Love, Stimulating Trivia & Other is Arousing Bits is chocked full of fun and informative facts about love, from science to psychology and telltale signs of attraction through body language.

For more information about Dr. Brown visit, bodylanguagesuccess.com, or you can call Dr. Brown directly at (702)239-8503.

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Episode 002 - PTSD

Author Saylor Storm talks about her book research and PTSD with Dr. Arthur Williams, Researcher in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University in New York, NY, where he is also in private practice.

Episode 2 is about PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Saylor's thriller book 'Basking in the Light' where the character was held captive in a cabin for four months chained to a chair.

Aspiring reporter, Ellen Singer, endures months of tortuous captivity by a serial killer and is eventually rescued by FBI agent, Arnie Darrow, in the thriller, Basking in the Light. Is Ellen able to rebuild her health and sanity while trying to overcome her PTSD?

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Episode 001 - Telomeres and Aging

Novelist Saylor Storm is fascinated by Dr. Bill Andrews anti-aging research (and thinks you will be too!) and authored a trilogy on his work. They discuss the topic of anti-aging and telomeres. 

Dr. Bill Andrews is a molecular biologist and gerontologist whose career has centered around what he calls, "curing the disease of human aging." Dr. Andrews is the founder and President of Sierra Sciences, a biotechnology company.

To find out more about Dr. Andrews and his work, you can go to SierraSciences.com, watch his many youtube videos, read his book, "Curing Aging", or watch a documentary about his work called, The Immortalists.


Aging divorcee, Susan Kent, participates in a clinical trial for a reverse aging product and swiftly reverts to a stunning 20-year-old. What happens next in Sue's Seduction will astound you!

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